After School Therapeutic

What is the After School Therapeutic Program?

The ASTP at ACRP is modeled after Dr. William Pelham’s internationally recognized Summer Treatment Program. The After School Therapeutic Program is designed to meet the special needs of children with complex psychological or behavioral needs.

An individual treatment plan is developed detailing the specific needs of each child. The staff and child will work in small groups for Therapeutic groups, skill building group exercises, and therapeutic recreational activities.  All activities take place in a therapeutic setting with a goal to improve social interaction and basic coping skills. Children and adolescents are rewarded for positive behavior with daily reinforcements, special privileges, and other rewards.

Goals and Objectives

The After School Treatment Program works with each child to achieve:

¨ Improved interaction with other children

¨ Improved learning skills

¨ Improved attention & concentration skills

¨ Learning to follow through with instructions, complete tasks & comply with adult requests

¨ Improved self-esteem while developing personal, recreational, social and academic skills

How often will my child attend?

The program operates from two to five days per week from 4:00 to 8:00 pm (4 hours daily) and one additional evening each month (4 hours). However, the child or adolescent’s scheduled frequency of attendance will be determined based on medical necessity.

Transportation is provided through Medical Assistance Transportation (MATP).

Who is Eligible?

Services are available to any child or adolescent under the age of 21 who meet these guidelines:

  1. Recommended by a Psychiatrist, Licensed Psychologist, or Primary Care Physician.
  2. Exhibits serious emotional and/or behavioral disturbances
  3. Eligible for Medical Assistance (Access Card) and the services are deemed medically necessary (Please Note: Any child with a mental health diagnosis may become MA eligible in the state of PA.)


How Do I Enroll My Child?

Children and Adolescents may be referred by physicians, mental health professionals, educators, child welfare, juvenile probation workers, other agencies, or by self-referral.

A referral is followed up with an intake and screening with the patient, and his or her family. If the child is an appropriate candidate for the After School Therapeutic Program, an evaluation is scheduled. The patient’s admission is based upon the psychologist’s recommendation and medical necessity.

Length of Individual treatment may vary depending on the child’s needs and progress. The average approval period is four months. Prior to completion of services, the treatment team and the family will develop an aftercare plan to ensure that the child & family’s needs continue to be met.



Matt Errett, M.A.
Program Manager
(814) 535-2277 ext. 312


Lana Arnold, MSW
Clinical Supervisor
(814) 535-2277