Outpatient Therapy Services

Therapeutic Interventions

Interventions will challenge consumers to attain their goals in a nurturing and supportive environment. The following are available for children and/or adults…

Individual Therapy ~  Individualized one-on-one therapy provided by trained     professionals which builds upon  the strengths of the consumer.

Family Therapy ~ Therapy involving significant & supportive family members, targeted at assisting them in dealing with mental illness. Including the family encourages support in all aspects of the consumers life style.

Group Therapy ~ Therapy providing a venue for   honest expression and “sharing” with peer support and encouragement. Group therapy sessions may target specific goals or include “open” discussion.

Psychiatric & Psychological Evaluation ~ Upon referral or appointment to the         Outpatient Clinic, consumers may receive a psychiatric evaluation or assessment  from a Psychiatrist or Psychologist to track progress and help further treatment.

Psychopharmacology (Drug Treatment) ~ Necessary medication may be prescribed and monitored by Psychiatrists to enhance therapeutic interventions and quality of life.

Telepsychiatry ~ Telespychiarty is the use of electronic communication equipment and information technologies to provide psychiatric care, such as consultations and evaluations, when and where a psychiatrist is not onsite.  This service is appropriate when traditional on-site services are not available or for convenience sake when there are distance, location, time of day, or availability of resource issues.  ACRP offers telepsychiatry to children, adolescents and adults at its Johnstown (Market Street) and Ebensburg locations.  Consumers must have Medical Assistance (MA) insurance to be eligible for services.


Who Can Help You?

Staff Psychiatrist:  Provides care & treatment to consumers enrolled in the ACRP Outpatient Clinic.  The Psychiatrist will also regularly monitor treatment plans, make diagnoses,  determine & assist in carrying out treatment goals and provide resources & support to clinic staff.

Staff Psychologist: Provides therapy, psychological testing, evaluation & assessment both on site and in the field.  The psychologist will help identify    behavioral goals and recommend appropriate services for each individual consumer.

Mental Health Professional (MHP):  Works with the consumer and their families to design a treatment plan, as well as identify goals and intervention methods. The professional will provide therapy, track the consumer’s progress, and coordinate all interventions.

Certified Peer Specialist:  Works one-on-one with adults in the home and community to help identify and achieve specific life goals.  A staff person with a mental health or co-occurring disorder who has been trained and certified to share their recovery experiences and relationships will work with the client in the recovery-based mentorship program.


Steps to Receiving Therapeutic Services

  1. Making a Referral ~ If you would like to make a referral or you wish to seek help please contact the clinic to schedule an intake/ evaluation.
  2. Intake Assessment ~ Upon initial contact with the ACRP Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic consumers will be asked to answer a brief list of questions. The consumer will then receive a phone call from ACRP staff to schedule a social history assessment.  This social  history includes but is not limited to psychiatric, medical, psychological, social, vocational &          educational needs.  Each consumer will also complete and sign consent forms and        informational releases, and receive an explanation of our services.
  3. Beginning Services ~ At the intake assessment the individual may become an active patient of the clinic. A comprehensive, strength based plan of treatment will be developed with the consumer.
  4. Scheduling ~ After staff has been assigned to each individual case, the consumer will be called to schedule their first therapy session.


ACRP offers therapy services at many of the area schools

ACRP Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic

119 Walnut Street
Johnstown, PA  15901
(814) 534-0745

Ebensburg Office

118 W. High Street
Ebensburg, PA  15931
(814) 472-9330

Somerset County

1590 North Center Ave, Suite 101
Somerset, PA  15501
(814) 445-1717

Bedford County

185 Hospital Drive
Everett, PA 15537
(814) 623-1212                                                                                                                                                             

Blair County

3010 7th Avenue
Altoona, PA   16602
(814) 942-9425


Cathy Krinjeck, M.A
Outpatient Program Director
(814) 534-0745 ext 5004

Jill Surloff, LCSW
School Clinical Supervisor
(814) 534-0745 ext 5005