Family Based Mental Health

What is Family Based Mental Health Services?

FBMHS program is committed to support the development of children and the integrity of the family. FBMHS while primarily treatment oriented, also serves as a preventive service. The needs of all the children within a family, not just the child who was recommended for FBMHS, are actively considered and included as part of the treatment process.

FBMHS is available to children and adolescents who are at risk of out of home placement due to a severe emotional or behavioral disorder, or due to a severe mental  illness.  FBMHS is also used as a step-down for children returning home to their family, which may include natural or substitute care families, following out of home placement.

The FBMHS program is a service provided by a team composed of a mental health professional  and a mental health worker, who incorporate intensive home therapy, casework services, family support services and 24 hour/7 day availability for crisis stabilization. Team members receive supervision as an integral part of an ongoing program for the families served.

Services offered by the FBMHS program include formal individual and family therapy sessions with the child and/or family. In addition, FBMHS also offers:

  • Crisis intervention and stabilization
  • Emergency availability
  • Ongoing information-gathering in support of active treatment
  • Collaborative development and modification of the treatment plan
  • Clinical intervention by team members
  • Support of parents
  • School based consultation and intervention as needed
  • Referral, coordination, and assistance in obtaining services from other agencies, social services, and community services.


Length of Treatment?

ACRP’s Family Based Mental Health Services Program is a short term (32 weeks) high intensity family therapy program provided in the family’s natural settings.

Who is Eligible?

Family Based Mental Health Services provides an array of services for children and adolescents up to the age of 21 and their families.

  • Who meet the FBMHS program guidelines for medical necessity having a mental health diagnosis.
  • Who are at risk of psychiatric hospitalization or out of home placement due to problematic behaviors.
  • Following a recommendation made by a Licensed Psychologist, Psychiatrist, or a Primary Care Physician for this service and the subsequent determination by the FBMHS treatment team and managed care organization that the service is clinically appropriate.
  • Eligible for Medical Assistance (MA)

(Please Note: Any child with a mental health  diagnosis may become MA eligible in  PA).

Admissions Process:

A family member or any other referral source can contact Alternative Community Resource Program, Inc. to discuss services. Following recommendation by a Licensed Psychologist, a  Psychiatrist, or a Primary Care Physician, the FBMHS treatment team will assist in determining the service that is clinically appropriate.

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