Alternative School

The ACRP Alternative School/Johnstown is a structured educational program to help students in junior and senior high with behavioral and academic problems.  We work in partnership with school districts in Cambria and adjacent counties to accomplish the ultimate mission of the ACRP Alternative School: to return the student to their regular school, with improved academic progress and a self-understanding to make better decisions in regard to their behavior in the future.  Our Goal is to assist these students to “get back” on track academically, socially, and behaviorally.

What is Alternative Education?

Our Alternative Education program is designed to provide a more individualized educational program for an “at-risk” population of Special and Regular Education students in a less restrictive environment.  Program components include a structured classroom setting where students can receive educational services, counseling, individualized attention and support not available in a traditional school setting.  Alternative education offers students who need help a second chance at success in the classroom.

Teachers and classroom support staff at ACRP Alternative School address both disruptive behavior and academic issues. Students learn to improve study, social skills, and address anger management while continuing regular school curriculum and completing the requirements for graduation.

What Can Students Expect?

Teachers and support staff at ACRP’s alternative school address both disruptive behavior and academic issues.  A lower student to staff ratio allows our teachers and staff the ability to offer more individualized attention.

Students learn to improve study habits, social skills and anger management techniques while continuing regular school curriculum and completing the requirements for graduation.

The students attend a full day of school and follow a similar curriculum that they would in a traditional middle or high school setting.

ACRP attempts to individualize the curriculum to meet each student’s abilities and needs.

Students are offered career awareness programs designed to teach them appropriate workplace behavior, various job training skills, and make them aware of other career opportunities that may be available to them.

Life skills training and counseling are another important part of the daily routine.

Additionally, an in-house incentive program offers students the challenge to improve grades, attendance and participate in community service.


How do I Enroll my Student?

Disruptive behavior is the most common reason students attend the ACRP Alternative School. For traditional education students, school administrators and families will decide whether alternative education is appropriate. Each student’s return to a traditional school setting is reviewed every 45 days.

For students with special education needs, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed by a team of teachers, a school psychologist or administrator, parents and students to decide if alternative education is the best option. The team writes a plan with the students and families that will enable the student to return to a traditional education setting as soon as they have made significant progress and meet the goals of the IEP.

The home school district must approve all student placements into the Alternative School and must complete an AEDY Referral Form.


For additional information contact:

ACRP Alternative School / Johnstown
317 Power Street
Johnstown, PA 15906
(814) 361-2414

Patti Assia, B.S.
Educational Director

Lou Curcio
Program Director

Kristyn Micik
Assistant Director