Supervised Visits

What is the Supervised Visitation Service?

ACRP’s Supervised Visitation Service is a program provided by ACRP Family Preservation Services.  It allows non-custodial  parents the opportunity to have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits with their children who are currently in out-of-home placement or reside with a custodial parent.  Supervised   visits will give families the chance to establish a positive relationship while working on individual relationships, visitation plans and goals.

How can I become Involved?

An individual can call the ACRP Office at (814) 536-5611 ext. 321 for Cambria County, (814) 445-1717 for Somerset County, or (814) 623-1212 for Bedford County. Participants may refer themselves or be referred or court-ordered through, but not limited to, Juvenile Court, Children & Youth Services and/or a personal attorney.

How is my Individual Visitation Plan Developed?

Individual Visitation Plans will be developed in coordination with the agency and/or person(s) who referred the individual and the needs of the family; court order; or attorney’s agreement.

When do Supervised Visits Occur?

Visits will be conducted during times agreed upon by both the SV Supervisor and the family.  Visitations can occur Monday-Friday in the evenings and Saturdays from 10 am-2 pm.

Where do Supervised Visits Occur?

Supervised visits will occur at the ACRP    Family Preservation Services offices located at 131 Market Street, Johnstown; 1590 North Center Street, Suite 101, Somerset; and 185 Hospital Drive, Everett which provide a home-like setting.  The service also may be provided at any of ACRP’s offices or the Children & Youth Services county offices.  Visitation sites may also occur in the community as long as they are approved by the referring agencies and offer a positive benefit for the children, family or even the community.

Who will Supervise my Visit?

ACRP Supervised Visitation Services will provide trained, professional personnel to observe parent-child interaction.

The SV Supervisor will not be responsible for making evaluations on either the estranged or custodial parent’s ability to parent or function as a parent, but may be subpoenaed to give court testimony regarding said visitations.

The SV Supervisor’s  primary concern is to provide child safety, visitation assistance in helping to improve parent/child relationship and monitor visitations.

What is the Cost for the Service?

Supervised Visitation Services are available at the rate of $35.00/hour.  This fee must be paid by cash or money order prior to the session

Goals of Supervised Visits

  • Help ensure the safety of the child while visiting their non-custodial parent in a supervised setting.
  • Observe parent/child interactions in order to help improve estranged or alienated   relationships and then make a report to the governing agency or legal system regarding what was observed .
  • Assist both the estranged and the custodial parent in developing a formalized visitation goal plan, whereby parents and children can work on repairing their relationships and increase the probability of parents following through with visitation.
  • Help children maintain parent/child attachments while reducing their sense of abandonment.  This service will give non-custodial parents the ability to physically visit with their children and receive encouragement for positive parenting  practices and feedback.