Family Preservation Services

Family Preservation Services is an intensive in-home, community-based program that focuses on helping families stay together.  The program is designed to provide a safe alternative to out-of-home placement of children and adolescents who are at risk for abuse, neglect or other serious family issues.

Family Preservation Services is a support system for families who need a hand keeping problems from becoming a crisis.  Families are offered help with issues including managing child behavior, learning effective parenting skills, budgeting and managing a household, obtaining mental health or medical services, finding employment, dealing with school and teachers, and working with family service providers.

The goal of Family Preservation Services is to empower the family to take charge of their own lives.  Families are encouraged to live within their means and develop the skills to appropriately address the many difficulties that arise in raising children today.


Who Qualifies for Family Preservation Services

Only families who have an open case with:

  • Cambria County Children and Youth Services
  • Cambria County Juvenile Probation Office
  • Bedford County Children and Youth Services
  • Bedford County Juvenile Probation Office

are eligible to receive Family Preservation Services.  The county agency caseworker, juvenile probation  officer, or a County Court Judge will  decide whether or not Family Support Services are needed, and to what extent.

Family Specialists work closely with both the  referring agency staff and the family to ensure child safety, promote cooperation, and assess the progress of the family while services are provided.

What Can Families Expect

Family Specialists will work with all family  members to create positive changes within the family.  By doing so, parents and children learn to maintain healthy relationships, build on existing strengths, and develop the skills needed to keep children safe and the family together.

Many times parents and children feel powerless.  They lack hope or believe that their lives cannot change for the better.  Family Preservation Services help families take control.  A Family Specialist will be assigned to each family.  He or she will make weekly home visits at which time they will use various teaching, therapeutic, and problem-solving techniques to help the family identify and develop goals towards improving their home life.  Concentration will be upon the family’s strengths and encouragement of  family members toward making positive changes.

Extra help is offered through a variety of support groups and community activities involving families in similar situations.  Parents can        participate in weekly parent support groups, anger management groups, monthly family   activities, and community based programs that promote family unity and cooperation.

Children and adolescents will also be able to participate in activities to enhance social skills and peer relationships.  Families, including children, are encouraged to build relationships within the community and school.  Those     relationships are primary to the health, welfare, and safety of every family member.

For more information call

Cambria County Children and Youth Services
(814) 539-7454

Cambria County Juvenile Probation
(814) 472-4700

ACRP Family Preservation Services Cambria County
(814) 536-5611

Bedford County Children and Youth Services
(814) 623-4804

Bedford County Juvenile Probation
(814) 623-4830

ACRP Family Preservation Services Bedford County
(814) 623-1212