Mission Statement



It is the goal of the Alternative Community Resource Program to meet the complete needs of the child in a comprehensive approach.  When a child develops he has basic needs including emotional, health, mental, social and the need to develop through play. In each of its 32 programs ACRP addresses the needs of children and carries them into, and sometimes through, adulthood.

Everyday in our region there are children who struggle with abuse, neglect or psychological and emotional disorders that keep them from living a normal happy life. It is the mission of The Alternative Community Resource Program to respond to the needs of such children and their families. ACRP works as an alternative to placement while providing comprehensive programs and treatment to address emotional, behavioral, and academic issues. This service spectrum includes treatment for adults through our Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic. At ACRP Individuals are afforded the opportunity for personal growth and development regardless of race, color, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Since 1989 we have upheld our commitment to meeting the needs of the children and families we serve.