The ACRP Play Center, located at 917 Chestnut Street in Cambria City, will be open from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM Monday through Friday during the summer. Cost will be $3.00 per child for the indoor play area. Use of the outdoor playground is free during those hours. The ACRP […]

Play Center Summer Hours

This unique program provides treatment for children and adolescents 5-18 with Autism Spectrum Disorders. This program is tailored to provide a positive social and learning environment that is designed to meet the individual needs of each child. The ultimate goal of the program is to develop a child’s social and […]

ASD Summer Treatment Program 2016

This unique program provides treatment for children ages 5 to 12 with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or similar disorders. It is tailored to each child’s behavioral, emotional, and interpersonal needs. The ultimate goal is to build on a child’s social and emotional skills so he or she can return to […]

Summer Treatment Program 2016

  April is Autism Awareness Month, and statistics show the autism rate has steadily increased over the last 20 years. Autism now affects 1 in 68 children. The goal of ACRP’s Autism Spectrum Disorders Unit is to provide interventions and services aimed at helping children and families improve their functioning […]

Autism Awareness Month

ACRP would like to extend sincere thanks to Interim HealthCare for their $1,500 donation for the Beds for Kids project. This funding will allow ACRP to construct beds for children in need who do not have a bed to sleep on each night.

Interim Healthcare Donation

ACRP has been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to begin the Social and Emotional Behavioral Disorder Classroom for students in K through 5 at the ACRP Center for Achievement site.This new classroom is well-organized and specializes in strategies that are tailored to each child’s specific abilities and disabilities. […]

Social and Emotional Behavioral Disorder Classroom

ACRP Informational Handout 2015 (School Mailing)
In 1989, ACRP initially began working with youth through child welfare and juvenile justice, but there was an almost immediate realization that services needed to be provided to entire families. Through the years, ACRP has also expanded its coverage. Originally servicing clients in Johnstown, there are now 12 offices and […]

About ACRP

*Special Education, Secondary & Elementary Regular Ed. Teachers* Seeking full-time teachers and substitutes to work in alternative education settings and special education programs in Johnstown. Full-time positions include medical benefits, paid holidays, vacation, retirement, and sick time. Send a cover letter, resume, PA certificate, transcripts, copies of Acts 34, 114, […]

Teachers Needed